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I had a dream my life would be

                 so different from this hell I’m living

                                 so different now than what it seemed

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[1/5] Pairings   Kanda Yu/Alma Karma - D.Gray man

"This world is dark and it’s so hard to breathe… but in this instant, when I laughed along with you, I felt that breathing just got a little easier."

For sanjiii, happy birthday!! ♥


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I didn't care what happened to The Order. So during the mission in Paris... when I caught a glimpse of that guy's Noah transformation I ignored it. Without even reporting it to Komui... I just let it be, but now... This regret simply won't let me die peacefully.

[ D.Gray Man ] ↝ Kanda yuu 


And then, though a little late, Kanda will show up with that look of his.


りなりー。 ✧「クロ